Friday, 6 March 2009

An unusually short post. I had a change of mindset. Deranged, Hysterical and drunk is not really me and so I decided to pull myself together. You can only get pulled down by someone else if you allow someone the pleasure and I am not going to - it is bad for me and dreadful for the children.

A word to the wise. Adultery is when you are sleeping with someone when you are in fact, married to some one else. If you are married you DO NOT sleep with someone else.

I will at least come out of this with my morals in tact. I may have lost a husband, my children may have lost any future possibility of a family as they know it and I have clearly lost my ability to judge a character - but I will at least be able to look myself in the mirror and live with what I see.

So there

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