Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Damn, I cannot go to bed. It is full of children. I would boot them out but I will fall over. My mistake - if you don't want children in your bed, do not buy a tempur mattress. I am now going to have to spend the next 30 mins poking them, hard.

I am just waiting for the sleeping tablet to mellow me. Last night, in a drive to pull myself together - I had half a glass of wine instead of three. 8 cigarettes instead of 30 and one sleeping tablet instead of two. It worked until 1am. What kind of sleeping tablet is that? Sleeping tablet with an hourly success rate. I assumed it would mean you slept less soundly, not for a shorter period. By 1.30 I was walking around the house trying to find drugs. Any - I didn't care. I may have taken a dog worming tablet. Still my face looked less like a pizza in the morning so what ever it was, it was good.

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