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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Blogging is such a strange place to be. Nobody really knows who you are and so you are free to write things that would be difficult to articulate, the very fact that you do not know who is reading it - prevents you writing with the freedom of thoughts in your head. Where it goes wrong is when you are aware that there are some that probably dip in occasionally and in so doing - prevent you from the honesty that your words should portray.

So on this basis, there are many things that the children say and do - that I want to write about but because their own heads are trying to articulate the circumstances - many of those thoughts and words cannot be committed to words of a momentary blog, simply because they are not my thoughts to commit. They should be committed to something, their thought process is unique and insightful but at this moment - I am not clear where that something should be.

So, I will concentrate on me. I had my eyebrows waxed today. I feel like a new woman again. I had forgotten how much getting my eyebrows done lightens my mood. I feel suitably lightened.

I went out to my favourite place to drink coffee with two friends this morning and we drank........ coffee. We talked about sex, insecurities and my exacting criteria for new men, whilst making Lego sculptures. After the last month it was like coming up for air.

With more of a limp than an excruciating hobble, I stocked up on health enhancing natural remedies for my new defense against attack regime and even managed to find the beginnings of a caterpillar outfit for the small child's venture into grubdom.

I am now on day seven of not smoking. The boys and I are back to playing music again in the house and a better kind of normality is returning.

I may have to self appoint sainthood.

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