Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I learnt something really important today. Do not go to the gym having only eaten a banana, work out, have a sauna and come home and drink three mugs of strong black coffee. The resulting retching in the toilet is ungainly. I was lucky to make it, the floor was swimming so much.

I thought the exercise program was a little lightweight. 30 minutes later and I realised that the reason they start you off lightly is that your body needs to get accustomed to it. I can only type if I do not attempt to lift my arms in the process. Still, the mere 7.5 kg bar weights were a little light. I think that I could achieve a similar work out by attaching two yogurt boots.

The sauna was interesting. I never have been a huge fan, finding the steam room far more pleasant. The first 10 minutes in a sauna is a disturbing experience. As every ounce of moisture is sucked out of your face, it feels like a combination of being shrink wrapped and chemically peeled. The water bucket was empty and I dared not move since every time I did, I burnt another part of my body. By the time I came out I looked a little like a hotdog sausage. I was, however, impressed with the woman that used it as a changing room on the basis that her clothes had been in the car and were uncomfortably cold.

I had a fascinating conversation with an ex date earlier. His solicitors costs in divorce amounted to 260k. He sheepishly admitted that it was a matter of principle and had become very territorial over assets. Looking back he cannot believe how stupid he was. Lovely man but I am certain that I could not date anyone that had just admitted spending huge sums trying to keep hold of others. Not attractive. The other deal breaker was when he once revealed that he had many tricks under his arm. Up his sleeve would have been one thing, I couldn't live with under his arm. Still, very sweet man.

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