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Thursday, 14 January 2010

I had to post again. I realised that I had written the word presence and not the word present. Sometimes the detail matters, sometimes it doesn't. If I had meant presence I could have meant something entirely different.

Words are a form of control. We can manipulate, control, cause pain, damage, love and kindness simply in the words we choose to use. The way in which we use them can be to our own advantage or to none. We can bully or threaten in the most passive way. We can encourage, support or intimidate in a simple sentence.

For the reader, we can choose our own interpretation, we can try and read between the lines or we can take them at face value. We can read the newspaper and choose whether it be manipulation or meaningless page fillers.

Life would be simple if it were all simpler.

My blog would read like this:

Did some DIY

Fed the boys

Chatted with son

Felt tired

Now you can read between the lines and fill in your own blanks.

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