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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Bless the teenager and the middle child. They are so concerned that I might be sad and lonely that they have arranged for people to write lots of letters to me. Granted, they are all from school, almost all referring to lack of homework but their heart is in the right place.

Have managed to get my head back in the place of pretending 'It' is dead. I had to see him today, as he was picking the two younger ones up from school but since he was late - I had to wait. I thought that this may be tricky pretending he is dead in these circumstances but actually he made it quite easy. I was smiling at a friend of mine and since I had dark glasses on - he mistook it as a smile at him. What on earth would go through his mind that I should smile at him is quite beyond me and so now, he is dead and stupid.

The little ones came back with all sorts of exciting tales including ones that I was probably better off not knowing, such as small child being left alone and asleep whilst 'It' takes the other into the Supermarket. Assuming it to be a joke but with two small people swearing otherwise - I text 'It'. Unsurprisingly 'It' ignores text because 'It' simply ignores everyone and everything that might make him look in the slightest less than favorable.

It appears that the little people told their Father that Granny will also be watching the play tomorrow. It is fully reported that Daddy replied 'Oh goody ..... fantastic'. Say it out loud. Can you hear that sarcasm? I thought this hilarious. For a man that dumped his children at his in-laws on Boxing Day, then went around to theirs for dinner AFTER he was at it with the Polyester Clad Shag and then slagging of their daughter, probably was not the most dignified of actions. What does surprise me is that for a man so content with his actions - he is yet to call around and share tea with them.

Informed 'It' that car tax was going to run out. Still no car tax and now run out. Game 354.

Well there are so many things I should like to say but I feel an evening out is in order and I have been offered Vodka.

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