Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I have changed my mind. I hate men.

I have spent far too long in my life trying to work out what goes on in some mens heads, only to discover that not a lot goes on in their head.

I have no intention of EVER spending too much of my time working out what goes on in another mans head.

Granted I may just be impatient. Granted that most people live their lives in days not minutes like I do. Granted, my major insecurities may be at play here and maybe I am being a little unreasonable but I am a woman and if I want to be unreasonable, I bloody well will be.

Further more - my gut instinct is important to me. I am facing a huge personality crisis of confidence on the basis that I may no longer be able to trust anything I think.

So for this moment - I hate men and I want to cry.

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