Saturday, 4 April 2009

I got stood up. I had a date tonight with an attractive young man and he stood me up. Apparently, hanging around town is more fun that going out with your Mother. Concerned at wasting a child free night, I had a panic stricken phone around in a bid to procure a companion for the night. I failed.

Sudden panic set in at the thought of an unplanned night in. The evening in front of the TV, when planned is a relaxing venture. Dumped, stood up and unplanned is simply depressing and determined to avoid this fate - I bravely asked the attractive man around for a drink.

4 hours and two bottles of wine later and I thought I was witty, gregarious and sparky. At 2.30am I had to face the truth - I was just plain drunk.

Drunk or not, I had a great evening. The attractive man is a very nice amusing man and it was very nice having a very nice, attractive amusing man with very nice and quite attractive legs to spend the evening with.

As a thank you for the wine and my clear wit, sparkle and gregariousness, the not unattractive man has said he is going to reseed my lawn for me. This is funny since it was he that was doing me the favour. It seemed rude to point this error out and quite obviously, I shall have to repay him with another evening of wine. The attractive man has children and is a hands on father. This makes me like him more and despite the hangover, I feel very fortunate to have an attractive very nice man living opposite me.

I am hoping the my blatant alcohol induced over forwardness has not scared the attractive man. Only time will tell - If I see him on hands and knees trying to skulk past my house - then I shall assume that I scared him. Alcohol and me are a dangerous mix

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