Tuesday, 2 June 2009

So much wit and wisdom to add but it is gone midnight and I am still trying to get through the washing.

Two high points though. Today 'It' got a new nickname. I once trained in copy writing and at the time, I thought I was pretty good. See, the art of copy is to come up with a catchy little name or phrase that symbolises the product and sticks, rather irritatingly in ones brain. Having struggled so much with 'It's' lack of emotion and continued lying, I found myself humming to a well known children's film character and then I had my Eureka moment:


Now I cannot stop singing:
'Pinocchio, Pinocchio - why are you made of wood'?' in a voice worthy of an UmparLumpa.

If you knew 'It', you would know that this is indeed the perfect new nickname and so I now officially rename him.

I received some fashion advice from a good friend today. Aapparently wearing shorts with wellies is a big no no. He is a man. I am a woman walking a dog. I disagreed and pointed out that the day I start dressing to please a man is the day I may as well shoot myself.

Ranting about this pre-feminist advise to a friend this evening, she duly nodded at all the appropriate moments and then said;

"So what about the time you dressed up as a maid"?

And look where that got me. I have a virtual hole in my foot

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