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Sunday, 31 May 2009

The teenager and I just shared a moment whilst trying to work out how the rather intimidating coffee machine. Pressing the button is rather like having a Chinook in you kitchen. We are both scared.

We both have moments but they very rarely coincide. There is yet another GCSE looming in the morning and true to himself - he has resolutely failed to revise. Instead, we sunbathed a little and then he planted lettuce, aubergines and tomatoes for his somewhat dishevelled mother.

So what exam do you have in the morning?" I ask

"Maths" he replies

"Good to see that you revised" say I, "Still, when you get your C's and D's you will at least be able to look back fondly at the afternoon we spent in the garden together"

I get a smile, a real genuine teenage smile.

Who cares about GCSE's anyway

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