Saturday, 23 May 2009

I have been thinking again. This is always dangerous.

I have pondered if me ranting and raving about It is local and indeed, does it need to be. Since I live locally and so does he - then it must be local.

Thought 2 - Middle Child has gone for a night on his own to the lair of It. It would be nice if the suggestion had come from him but it did not. If anyone would like to explain how it could be normal for a father of four, currently pretending he has 3 - to pick up one child and not show any desire to speak to the two small ones or even just say hello. Feel free to email.

Thought 3 - Why do I expect anything normal.

Thought 4 - I went to a lovely childrens party today. Hundreds of children and the two Dads fully involved in all of the activities. I felt sad. I felt sad because I was raising 4 children by myself and even sadder on learning to accept the reality that they never had the kind of Father that was ever actively involved.

Thought 4 - I still have an issue with this meeting someone 2 weeks after he left. No matter how much I am suppossed to believe that they were not having an affair before hand - I cannot buy it. One of things I have struggled with most is the text he sent to the PCS on the night I found out.

It read; So you get to use the angry wife excuse to get out of cooking me dinner.

Now I have thought about this and conclude: How likely is it that you would send a text like that to a woman you only met recently? You simply would not because even a woman of moderately low standard would think that a large warning sign and fairly contemptuous behaviour. So logically, there are only two scenarios. One is that this was an affair that started before he left and the other is that the woman he is dating has the morals of a bottom feeder.

Of course, both could be true.

There are those that believe that there was no sign of it prior to his leaving. However they had no idea that he was seeing anyone at all and like most were quite dumbstruck by the revelation so really, it doesnt make sense that since no sign was apparent before the no sign became crystal clear - there is no reason to believe that simply because you didnt see it, it didnt exist.

The thing about dishonesty is the acceptance that people will believe what they want to believe because the reality is often a little unpalatable. When someone shows themselves to be capable of deceit, does it make it better that you only allow yourself to believe that person is capable of a certain level of dishonesty. The only truth is that if it is in them, they will lie to anyone they need to. Will I believe the words of a man that lies…..will he treat anyone else any differently....


Apologies for lack of punctuation. Keyboard gone greek again

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Alan Summers said...

It was fun meeting you an hour ago at Castle Inn.

I'll also email Fiona your blogsite address. ;-)

Good luck with everything!

all my best,

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