Sunday, 28 December 2008

I figure I have a choice. I can either chose the onward and upward approach or the dwelling and brooding. I have decided on the more positive option. This did mean getting up at some ungodly hour in a bid to walk the Bitch before anyone woke up. Striding across the fields at 6am did allow for a little smugness at being up and ready so early, but now at 10.30am - I flagging. Having always been an up late, bed late kind of girl - I suspect I shall weather badly.

The first hurdle of the weekend was childcare. Fortunately I found a babysitter, sadly they live over 3 hours away and whilst obliging this time - I feel it unlikely that the offer will be a regular one. Have no idea how I will solve the issue of 4 children, a Bitch and a weekend job.

Driving to work I did wonder if the inside of a car is an accurate reflection of the state of your life. I am doomed, my car is disgusting. Despite having one of the largest children movers on the road, your are fortunate if you find a seat and blessed if you can put your feet down. filled to the brim with old mugs, discarded school letters and coats - it verges on a health hazard. The reality of day to day life leaves little time for cleaning out the car and it is now so bad that if you were standing by the side of the road with hypothermia - I would be too ashamed to stop and offer a lift. Hypothermia and MRSA are not a good combination.

There was a talk in school recently on looking after the environment and clearing up after yourself. 'You should see my Mums car,' said one of my little angels 'Shall I have a word with Mummy?' replied the teacher 'Perhaps not' he says. At just 5, he recognises mess, fails to recognise his role in that mess but wise enough to know that it would foolish to point it out. Wise boy.

Working within the NHS at the weekend is always enlightening and as a non medically member of staff I am not allowed to give any medical advice but I can say this:

When you are ill - you are suppossed to feel rough, that is how you know you are ill.
There is still no cure for the common cold, so it is no good saying that you are tired of having it and want something to get rid of it.
If you know that you need antibiotics, you must be a GP and if you are not, then you do not generally know that you need antibiotics.
If you are in town sale shopping, then you do not have the flu.

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Powell Hall said...

found you.
good attitude.
will see you on Sunday. will all the children be there??
bringing in little Fig to have lunch with his Dad.