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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Talking defecation for a living

Apparently, I am not allowed to use the headline "Good wrist action for men that get stiff" for the only range of garden tools to be awarded a commendation from the arthritic society. Which is a shame.

When writing about axes, I was out voted on my suggestion of "The perfect gift for men that demand good head" Now clearly., I didn't forward these to the client but hey, it makes the working day more interesting. In truth, I am fairly puritanical in both behaviour and word, but have a quick wit when it comes to innuendo or tenuous link. I suspect that there is a part of my brain, called smutsphere.

However, if I wanted to get the word out there for Fiat, I could write about infant defecation and snot.  This is the link sent to me on Mothers Day from an equally pure colleague in local branding agency.


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