Sunday, 13 December 2009

Boo! Hi Susie XX

Another thought and elsewhere,

Isn't it sad how people can be in total external denial about behaviour. No matter how you behave, deep down, in the couple of minutes before you go to sleep - you will know the difference between having integrety and not. The things that you do that make you feel worthless are the reasons that you have that feeling. External superiority fools no one.

At the end of the day, grown ups are not children. Let go of the past and start taking responsibility for actions. There is no excuse for unnecessary unkindness. None

It is this behaviour that creates a loneliness that will erode you. It will continue to do so until the day that you decide to grow up. Chances are like shooting stars, you need to see them to appreciate how special they were.

Sleep well lonely one.

PS. The thing about words is that they can speak to whoever hears them. This may not be about you and yet it may be aimed directly at you. If you all suffer the same unhappiness then the words will speak to you anyway.

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