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Monday, 9 February 2009

So much to say and already late for school run. Spent last couple of days trying to find someone in Minnesota that wants to stay in large house near Bath with free Weimaranar Bitch thrown in. Have failed. When i was a small girl, my Dad always promised to take me to Disneyland and never actually got around to it. I never really forgave him and no doubt some of the immense psychological damage that I have, is attributable to this.

As such I have been quite keen to protect my own offspring. On the scarring scale - I should think they are already rating highly and no matter which way I look at it, there is denying that on Weds, our seats to Florida will be taking off without our bottoms in seats. I did suggest as a compromise - that we make use of the booked Travelodge and paid for breakfast. We could at least watch our flight leave and feel that we made some of the journey.

It seems that we cannot do that either since the hotel is booked for tomorrow night and the teenager has made use of every offered opportunity to complete coursework. So no holiday, no hotel and small children that convinced if i continue putting small brown coins in the jar - that I will have enough (by Weds) to take them to Florida, pay entrance, car , house and spending. They are to be scarred, so far I have saved enough to buy a 750g packet of Kellogs special K

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Ashton Lamont said...

mix all three into a blog about not trusting vomit soaked snow